Druzhba Arena


  • HK Donbass Donetsk ( KHL, since 2011 )
  • BK Donetsk (Superliga since 2006)
  • Ice Hockey World Championship U18 Juniors 2011 - Division II B
  • Donbass Open Cup 2011, 2012 ( Hockey )
  • Pole Vault Stars

The Druzhba Sports Palace (Ukrainian Палац спорту " Дружба ") is a multi-purpose hall in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Currently, the Hockey Club HK Donbass Donetsk from the KHL and the basketball team the BK Donetsk ( Basketball Super League Ukraine ) are located at the Sports Palace. The hall offers at hockey games 4100 seats, of which 3500 seats. At basketball games, there are 4700 seats.


The hall was inaugurated in 1976. After minor work, 2003, the arena in 2010 a major renovation for the Ice Hockey World Championship U18 Juniors in 2011 was - Division II B subjected. The hall was among other things a new refrigeration system for ice, air conditioning, a video surveillance system and a video cube. In addition, a fan shop and fast food stalls was set up and modernize the entire seating in the stands. Thus, the number of places is increased from 3500 to 4100th In addition, office space created for the Ice Hockey Federation of Ukraine and the International Ice Hockey Federation ( IIHF ).

Since 2004, once a place in the pole vault event Pole Vault Stars in Arena. The founder of the 1990 inaugural meeting is Serhiy Bubka, who set up the still valid hall world record with 6.15 meters at the event on February 21, 1993.

In the years 2011 and 2012, the ice hockey tournament Donbass Open Cup was held at the Sports Palace.