Ice Palace (Saint Petersburg)

SKA St. Petersburg ( KHL, since 2000)

The Ice Palace Saint Petersburg ( Russian Ледовый Дворец ) is a multi-purpose hall in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg. The Arena is used for various sports, such as hockey, basketball, volleyball and boxing. The capacity of the hall is heavily dependent on the use, at the hockey games it is 12,300 spectators.


The arena was an important project for the renovation of the sports building in the city of St. Petersburg. Until the construction of the hall there was only gyms from the Soviet era as the SKK Peterburgski from the year 1979. Thus, the surcharge was to host the Ice Hockey World Championship 2000 just right. In 1998, construction started in 2000 and the building was completed.

Today the hall from the ice hockey team of the SKA St. Petersburg is used, which plays its home games here.

Stadium details

The complex includes a five-story building with a floor space of 37,000 m². In the ice rink there are 74 boxes, which are placed around the playing field between the upper and lower rank. The height from the factory floor to the hall roof is 22 meters. In the middle of the stadium one more ton cube depends television with four 12 m (3x4 m) large displays, it also the spectators who sit further away from the playing field, allowing to watch the on the game.