Vityaz Ice Palace

HK Vityaz ( KHL, since 2013) Russkiya Witjasi (2009-2013) HK MVD Tver (2000-2006)

The Ice Palace Vityaz (Russian Ледовый дворец Витязь ) is an ice rink in Podolsk, Russia, offers 5,500 spectators and is mainly used for home games of the Russian KHL participant HK Vityaz.


The hall was built in 2000 and in addition to 4,860 seats including 554 standing and 86 VIP box seats. By 2004, the Ice Palace home of Vityaz Chekhov was before this moved all the way to Podols. By 2006, also contributed HK MVD Tver of its home games in the hall before though the Club in 2006 moved into its own arena. Then, the ice rink was used primarily by the junior team of Vityaz - used that participates in the Molodjoschnaja Chokkejnaja League - Russkie Witjasi. 2013 returned to the KHL club back in the Ice Palace, while the juniors will deliver their home games from the 2013/14 season in Chekhov.

The complex comprises the main building an outbuilding for heating and cooling and a fitness center. The main building is located next to the ice rink, a restaurant with 45 seats, a cafe for journalists as well as in the foyer and corridors around the hall a total of five bistros. In the rink itself three video screens and an electronic scoreboard were installed. For concerts and other public ( sports) events the ice rink can be converted into a hall, then can seat up to 6,800 spectators.