CU is an abbreviation for:

  • ChristianUnion, a Dutch Party
  • Chrysler CU, a car model of 1934
  • Close-up, camera settings in the film
  • Ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease
  • Concurrent User simultaneously accessing to a system user
  • Control unit, the control unit of a computer processor,
  • Creighton University, a private university in Nebraska
  • Cubana, Cuban airline after the IATA code
  • Cupro, a textile fiber
  • A plant for high-voltage direct current transmission in the United States
  • Cuba, country code according to ISO 3166
  • See you, see list of abbreviations (network jargon ) # C

CU as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Great Britain: Swansea
  • Moldova: Chisinau circle ( discontinued)
  • Norway: Romerike in the province of Akershus
  • Sweden: Diplomatic for the Netherlands
  • Spain: Cuenca Province ( discontinued)
  • Turkey: Diplomatic Corps ( green lettering on a white background)
  • Consular Corps (white text on turquoise background)

Cu as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Serbia: Ćuprija

Cu stands for:

  • Cumulus clouds form a
  • Copper, a chemical element

Cu stands for:

  • Old Church Slavonic language code according to ISO 639-1

. cu is an abbreviation for:

  • . cu, the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) from Cuba

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