. cu is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) from Cuba. It exists since 3 June 1992, is managed by the local companies CENIAInternet.


Addresses can be registered on both second and third level on. Only Cuban nationals and companies of Cuba have the right to register a. Cu address. Although there were in April 2009, official reports, and foreigners could use the top-level domain, although this information is clear beyond doubt. . Among cu various domains exist on the second level, which include the following:

  • . com.cu for commercial enterprises
  • . edu.cu for educational institutions
  • . gob.cu for Cuban authorities
  • . gov.cu for the Cuban government
  • . inf.cu for general information
  • . net.cu for Internet service providers
  • . org.cu for Nonprofits

In addition, there are other second-level domains that have been assigned to other organizations, co.cu, sld.cu, tur.cu, cyt.cu and get.cu. In total there are under the TLD. Cu according to the contracting authority in April 2009 2,200 domains.


  • Website of the contracting authority