. be is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Belgium. It exists since August 5, 1988 and is managed by the charitable company DNS Belgium since 1999.


Any natural or legal person may be a. Be domain registration, there are no particular restrictions. A resident or established in Belgium are not necessary. The award is entirely automated and requires up to two days. Initially, only alphanumeric characters are supported, as of June 2013, special characters such as Ä, Ö and Ü are available. The fees be domains for. Shall be calculated annually in advance. It is unusual that for a short time until January 2006, a domain could be registered free of charge.

In case of disputes the parties can call the mediation, which distributes DNS Belgium since 2008 the fees one half each to applicants and opponents. First, the complainant has to spend the full amount in case of success but receives back half. The division was introduced to make domain grave Bern the ccTLD as unattractive as possible.


Since May 8, 2012, the contracting authority DNS BE provides anyone with an. Be domain the opportunity to purchase a personalized digital certificate of his domain. In this all data of the holder of the domain are included, so in addition to the name and address eg his e- mail address. Special recognition has been the top -level domain obtained by YouTube, the domain youtu.be used as an abbreviation for the complete address. In Switzerland. Additionally be also of people and companies with respect to the canton of Bern ( BE abbreviation ) used.

Be part of a distributed denial of service ch was in February 2013. Attacked, as well as SWITCH and their ccTLD.. Experts rated the security of the domain in the course of which a stable. A few months later, hackers yet procured access to the systems of DNS BE and even changed their homepage.

The contracting authority DNS Belgium since 2008 offers a tool with which the accessibility of different services on. Domains can be checked.