. ws is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) from Western Samoa. It exists since July 14, 1995 and is managed by the local Computer Services Ltd.. managed. The company in turn reports directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


The assignment of addresses takes place solely on the second level, they must be between 4 and 63 characters. The use of special characters in a. Ws domain is not possible. There are no particular restrictions on the assignment, so that anyone can register a. Ws address. The domain is often deliberately marketed since the turn of the millennium as an abbreviation for website, although such a shortcut is totally uncommon - yet this domain is used by people from all over the world and is widely used.

In addition to the generic top- level domains and ten other ccTLDs provides. Ws one of the few addresses represent, for which WIPO is responsible. This means that disputes between two or a prospective owner and the awarding authority, the international arbitral tribunal may be called, which is not possible in the case of. De.


With the introduction of new top -level domains, the Government of Western Samoa at the ICANN protested. In their view, could the ending. Easily be confused with website. Ws. The U.S. company DotWebsite that has applied for the allocation of. Official site, the objections to it classified to be negligible.