. iq is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Iraq.


The ending was delegated on May 9, 1997, the Corporation Alani, but initially not actively used. Only in October 2002, the root zone was extended to name servers for. Iq, so that the domain could be used in principle. However, in December 2002, the so-called Tech-C ( technical contact ) of the domain, Bayan Elashi, arrested and convicted in 2004 along with the company InfoCom, the parent company of the Alani Corporation, for violations of the U.S. export ban on Libya. Bayan Elashi were also demonstrated connections to radical Islamic Hamas and therefore the support of terrorism and money laundering.

Iq was during the 2003 Iraq war. Factually off to enter an appearance in the USA with ICANN. The transitional government of Iraq turned until June 2004 ICANN to take the necessary measures for the introduction of. Iq. Then asked Prime Minister Iyad Allawi to the end of the year to officially awarding. Iq to the National Commission on Communications and Media ( National Communications and Media Commission ). The negotiations between ICANN and the new award site were completed in July 2005, so. Iq could be put back into operation.


Registrations of addresses are solely on the third level, even if there are some addresses on the second level. Only Iraqi citizens and businesses have the right to register a. Iq address. However, the use of the domain is mainly limited to government institutions.

In 2003 there were plans. Iq targeted as an abbreviation for Intelligence Quotient to market and to be financed from revenue the reconstruction of Iraq. The award Featured wanted then follow the example of. Ws, which was advertised as an abbreviation for website.