. ba is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Bosnia - Herzegovina. It exists since 14 August 1996 and is managed by the University Telinformatic Centre.


Only citizens and companies from Bosnia - Herzegovina may apply for a. Ba - address, as well as providing a valid identity card, sales tax or trade register number is required when ordering. If there is no local office may pre- recorded, at least, a local administrative contact ( admin-c ) must be specified. Most domain registration rate offer their customers a trustee who takes over this task. This is often associated with additional fees. Overall, a. Ba - domain must be between three and 63 characters long, with the use of internationalized domain names is currently not possible.

Can be accepted on the second level and at third-level registrations. The following domains at the second level are available:

  • . edu.ba for educational institutions
  • . gov.ba for the government
  • . net.ba for Internet service providers
  • . org.ba for Nonprofits


Due to the restrictive award criteria counts. Ba to the smallest ccTLDs. In January 2006, only about 3,000 addresses were registered, which is relatively low compared to. De (several million ).