Bt. 's the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the State of Bhutan. It exists since 16 July 1997 and the local Bhutan Telecom allotted based in Thimphu. The operating company has taken over the British company NetNames.


Previously, the conditions were very strict, so were allowed to register a. Bt address to third level only Bhutanese citizens and businesses. These restrictions have now been relaxed, so that second-level registrations are possible and it is also foreigners permitted to announce. Bt addresses. In addition to accredited registrars and the Bhutan Network Information Center awards through its subsidiary DrukNet even new domains.

. Besides bt following second- level domains exist:

  • . com.bt for commercial enterprises
  • . edu.bt for educational institutions
  • . gov.bt for the Government of Bhutan
  • . net.bt for Internet service providers
  • . org.bt for Nonprofits

Is a result of the liberal award criteria. Bt. Mt one of the riskiest top- level domains. The proportion of phishing sites affected was in September 2013 at 0.7 percent.