. tv is the country code top -level domain (ccTLD ) of the island nation of Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean. It was introduced on 18 March 1996 and by the Ministry of Finance and Tourism (Ministry of Finance and Tourism) care, but organizationally operated by VeriSign.

Contracting authority

Notwithstanding the numerous inconsistencies between the authorities of the country of Tuvalu and representatives of the contracting authority, related to a possible increase in fees, the contract was extended by VeriSign in March 2012 until December 31, 2021. The top -level domain makes a significant contribution to the revenue of the small state, whose gross domestic product is about 20 million euros. Among other things, the country funded by the distributions of the awarding authority, the admission fee for the United Nations.


A. Tv domain may be from one to 62 characters long. The ccTLD is now available especially for very short domains, as many other country-specific top-level domains must be at least two or even three characters long. Since 2004 support. Tv the use of special characters, with a total of 426 letters stand for election. In addition, the top-level domain supports the so-called auth codes that addresses can be transferred easily between two holders and registrars like endings.


The extension. Tv is particularly popular with those organizations that are active in television and film segment, as the abbreviation for TV Television is internationally familiar. Examples from the German-speaking area are Arte ( arte.tv ), Swiss Television ( sf.tv - now forwarding to srf.ch ) Spiegel TV ( spiegel.tv ), star TV ( stern.tv ) and VIVA Germany ( viva.tv ). Part due to the wide audience. Tv to the ccTLDs be achieved for the above-average trading prices. Partial tv domains are. Rented expensive, such as in the case of china.tv.