. au is the country code top -level domain in Australia. It was introduced on March 5, 1986, making it one of the oldest top- level domains. For the administration of the. Au Domain Administration Ltd ( auDA short ) is responsible, based in Carlton (Victoria). Until August 2001 au was organized by the University of Melbourne..


. au allowed it initially only individuals and companies based in the country to register a domain. As early as 2007, however, a commission named Names Policy Panel was set up that would consider the opportunities for foreigners. Ultimately, the selection criteria have been only minimally changed, so that now no residence or an establishment are necessary, but also a registered trademark in Australia to lodge a. Au domain entitled. Compliance with the guidelines has been strictly checked by the auDA repeatedly, for example in 2009 in the area. Org.au.

For a long time the auDA had numerous geographical. Au domains locked, they could not, nor will be registered by the appropriate authority. In spring 2005, this practice was changed, the domains now available were raffled. Consequently, the Community Geographic Domain Name was established in 2008 initiative that has promoted a systematic use of the country code in the style of stadt.bundesland.au.

2008, the rules for. Au were liberalized again to allow trade in addresses. Until then, it was forbidden to auction. Au Domains on Sedo for example. Registration only for the purpose of selling a. Au domain has since allowed. 2011, the first loose ban was lifted completely, moreover, expired. Au domains can now be registered without waiting again by a third party.


Overall a must. Au domain be between three and 63 characters long, the allocation required up to two weeks and is compared to other top -level domains so slowly than average. It will assign addresses from both second and third level. There are, among others, the following second- level domains:

  • . asn.au for Nonprofits
  • . com.au for commercial enterprises
  • . csiro.au for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
  • . edu.au for educational institutions
  • . gov.au for the Australian Government
  • . id.au for individuals
  • . net.au for Internet service providers
  • . org.au for other organizations
  • . conf.au for conferences. The only remaining site is linux.conf.au.
  • . info.au for general information.

The extension. Oz.au is a relic from the time when the universities were directly connected and exchanging files directly via UUCP. At that time, as a domain. Oz used, as it is the top-level domain. Au is created, the existing sites were on. Moved oz.au. To this day, still remain under some belonging to universities websites. Oz.au.


In 2011, BMW was trying to get a. Au domain via the Arbitration Court of WIPO. Finally, an obligation to issue of bmwdiscounts.com.au that saw the automaker founded by an injury to his trade, but by WIPO was denied. The case Achieve internationally better known.

The authority announced the end of 2013, to be published in the future also details such as phone number and e- mail address of holders of a. Au domain, which was not previously the case.


2007 wiggled the top -level domain in the criticism after the auDA had announced plans to introduce Wildcards in the Domain Name System. These redirect the call is not registered. Au domains the visitors to a page with advertising to, instead of showing him a regular error message. Experts saw it as an illegal technical intervention.