. sa is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the State of Saudi Arabia. It was registered with the IANA on 17 May 1994 and is also available in Arabic السعودية. (. Al- sa ʿ ūdīya ). For the management of. Sa the State Commission for Communication and Information Technology ( Communications and Information Technology Commission), headquartered in Riyadh responsible, also known as Saudi Network Information Center.


There are numerous second- level domains such as. Net.sa or. Org.sa that certain organizations are reserved. In December 2010, the contracting authority has relaxed the criteria for. Sa to the effect that now domains can be registered directly at second level. At this point, sa domains were about 21,000. Registered. The so-called sunrise period, the holders of existing. Sa- domains, the new short addresses could apply for preferred, began in January 2011. Spite of liberalization, the contracting authority only allows individuals and companies based in Saudi Arabia, a. Sa- domain login. Exceptions are made only for foreigners with Saudi passport or owner of a registered trademark in Saudi Arabia. The top -level domain since 2004 supported internationalized domain names, their technical implementation has been implemented in a pilot project with the administrations of. Etc. ( United Arab Emirates) and. Qa (Qatar ).