. dd was the planned country- code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the German Democratic Republic.

Since the time of the introduction of top -level domains, the GDR still existed, dd was also a top -level domain. Provided for them, similar to the West German. De. However, this domain is only used internally in the networks of the universities of Jena and Dresden - from outside the GDR was at no time a dd - address reachable..

Reason for this was that. Dd was never delegated name system in the public domain. After the reunification of Germany, plans to introduce. Dd were withdrawn.

According to a newspaper report, the city of Dresden has tested to apply as part of the allocation of new generic top -level domains at ICANN to the ending. Dd, since it leads the license plate DD. After introducing the rule that new gTLDs must be at least three characters long, this was ruled.