. fr is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of France. It exists since September 2, 1986, is from the French Association Française pour le Internet en Coopération Nommage (short AFNIC ) managed.


In December 2011, the contracting authority has liberalized the conditions for the registration of. Fr domains. Since then, it is any natural or legal person from the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland possible to order a domain. A resident or established in France are no longer necessary.

In July 2012, AFNIC managing the top-level domain could again save after tough negotiations. Related to this is the requirement to reduce the prices of. Fr domains within two years by at least five percent. In addition, a portion of the registration fees to a charitable fund to promote the development of the Internet is to be inserted.


Overall, a. Fr domain may be between three and 63 characters long, internationalized domain names are supported. In April 2013, the AFNIC announced that wanted to support in future also one-and two -digit domains and pure numeric domains.

In general, the registration between one and three working days lasts. As administrative contact only a natural person can be registered even if the owner is a company. Individuals who order a. Fr domain must specify additional information, such as place of birth, date and country in the registry.

Specific domains

Besides also second- level domains first- offered, are following a specific purpose:

  • Tm.fr - for brands
  • Asso.fr - for associations
  • Nom.fr - for surnames
  • Prd.fr - Research and development
  • Presse.fr - for press
  • Com.fr - for companies
  • Gouv.fr - for the French government

AFNIC has expressly reserved to introduce additional second- level domains in the future.


The top -level domain was one of the most highly regulated addresses. In 2004 the regulations were liberalized, so that any interested could register with entry in a public location, such as the commercial register, domains. Then, the number of. Fr domains increased from 180,000 in June 2004 to over 400,000 in November 2005.