. ch is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Switzerland. It exists since 20 May 1987 and is managed by the organization SWITCH. The abbreviation CH stands for the Latin name of Switzerland, Confoederatio Helvetica.


The Professor Dr. Bernhard Plattner brought the. Ch domain in 1987 in Switzerland. Shortly thereafter, he transferred them to the SWITCH Foundation, which was then still in its infancy. The official founding of SWITCH was then on 22 October 1987, she was thenceforth responsible to manage. Ch domain. After the computer networks of SWITCH were built and the universities were connected to the grid, has begun to accept applications from companies. Individuals were not provided. The first three registered Swiss Internet addresses were cern.ch, ethz.ch and switch.ch. In late 1991, the address was. Ch entered in the 'Root DNS ' and was so, from now on, from anywhere in the world accessible. 2001 OFCOM receives authorization. Ch domains to forgive, because SWITCH is temporarily subordinate to him is it the only registrar Switzerland. 2002 managing. Ch was nationalized.


The first three registered Swiss Internet addresses were cern.ch, ethz.ch and switch.ch. A. Ch domain must be between two and 63 characters long, Umlautdomains and other internationalized domain names are possible. For registration, which usually takes 48 hours, individuals and businesses do not need a seat in Switzerland.

Be since 2010. Ch domains that are infected with malicious software, shut down consistently. Owner of a domain only have 24 hours to respond upon detection of a problem, and to remove the malware itself. For some time, the contracting authority reserves the right to withdraw at abuse of this domain.


The contracting authority SWITCH stands for quite some time in the criticism, since it occurs both as domain registry as well as a domain registrar. Numerous Swiss Hoster have criticized this approach because the in-house affiliate switch plus would inevitably get better terms than the competition. The dispute led to numerous legal proceedings.