. se is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Sweden. It was introduced on September 4, 1986, is managed by the so-called Internet Infrastructure Foundation headquartered in Stockholm.


Overall a must. Se domain include between two and 63 characters. The award is made completely automatically, usually within minutes. However, the contracting authority requires that individuals their passport number and their date of birth and businesses to provide their tax identification number and an entry in the commercial register when they register a new one. Se domain. Besides the possibility to use alphanumeric characters, in July 2007, the possibility of internationalized domain name was created. In addition to Swedish and characters from the languages ​​Finnish, Tornedalfinnisch, Yiddish, Romani and Sami could be used, the use of a minority in the country and are nationally recognized. Also, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic and Faroese are supported ever since.

The top -level domain is one of the few addresses that has established an arbitration service for disputes. Se domains. The awarding authority has, since March 2011, even an accelerated procedure to bring about an amicable settlement between two parties within ten instead of 30 days.


In September 2009 it was announced that the state regulatory authority has issued a directive to the contracting authority, before registering a domain database to check with the concept to interested parties. The statement has been publicly harshly criticized since it was viewed as the first step in a censorship awarding. Se domains.

At the request of The Pirate Bay has launched a signature campaign against the measure, among others. Nevertheless, the contracting authority has publicly confirmed that it will not delete the domain of the organization. Whether copyright infringement or other violation of Swedish law would be present, it must first be examined by a court of law.

2009 became the IIS to be the subject of criticism, as all. Se domains on October 12 were not reachable for a few hours. The reason was an error in the Domain Name System.