. ir is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Iran. It was introduced on 6 April 1994 and is managed by the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences ( IRNIC ) in the capital Tehran.


A. Ir domain may be a total of between three and 63 characters long, 's connectivity usually lasts four days. For the registration of companies, the trade register number and for individuals the card number, the issuing authority shall require.

The last known change to the eligibility criteria took place in 2008. IRNIC attracted attention since then, the fees for. Ir domains were lowered, while the majority of other ccTLDs has become more expensive. In May 2008, approximately 90,000 addresses were registered under the top-level domain.


The use of internationalized domain name was initially not supported, but is now possible. The IDN ending was adopted in October 2010 during the so-called IDN Fast Track Process ICANN have in which also India, Syria and Taiwan participated alongside Iran. As of November 2012, however, the IDN domain was not used. The internationalized version of. Ir is ایران. (. Iran), and these are displayed in Punycode for technical reasons in two variants.

In October 2011 it was announced that as part of the newTLD program, there is also an application for the introduction of the advertised domain. Iran.

Specialized domains

There are a number of second-level domains that have a specific purpose:

  • . ac.ir - academic institutions
  • . co.ir - commercial organizations
  • . gov.ir - Government
  • . id.ir - people
  • . net.ir - Internet Service Provider
  • . org.ir - Nonprofits
  • . sch.ir - Schools