. co is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Colombia. It exists since 24 December 1991.

Is next to the original meaning. Always co frequently associated with the terms Corporation, Community, Content and Connection. The contracting authority is applying the top -level domain because its specifically as an alternative to. Com, among which only a few short domains are still available.


The administration of the domain was first adopted by the Universidad de los Andes. The university wanted to try in 2001 to sell the domain. . co is attractive because it is very similar to the notation of the existing ones. com and also in many country-code top -level domains, a second-level domain for commercial companies represents, eg. than uk. co.uk. However, this was strongly opposed by the government of Colombia. The university wanted then give up the management of the domain, because it did not consider itself to longer capable. After eight years, all the administration of the domain has been taken over by the newly founded. CO Internet SAS.


Under the leadership of the University were registered addresses exclusively on third level, also only citizens and businesses of Colombia had the right to register a. Co address. Following the acquisition of. Co - domain by the new contracting authority registration for each person was also approved on second level. However, previous addresses to third level are first obtained, there are the following second-level domains:

  • . com.co for commercial enterprises
  • . edu.co for educational institutions
  • . gov.co for the Colombian government
  • . mil.co for the Colombian military
  • . net.co for Internet service providers
  • . nom.co for individuals
  • . org.co for Nonprofits

Initially, only alphanumeric characters for. Co could be used. Only since April 15, 2012, allows the contracting authority to use characters from the Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The launch was carried out without the Sunrise Period, are in holders of addresses usually preferred. In addition, since mid-October 2013, also characters from European languages ​​are supported, including Russian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, and Spanish.


On the occasion of the second anniversary of. Co., the contracting authority has published detailed statistics about the distribution of the domain. From this it is clear, for example, that 54 percent of all owners have their headquarters in the U.S. and only two percent of all registrations come from Germany. About three percent of all customers have 11-50. Co - domains.

Also posted on the trading platform Sedo. Co. shortly after changing the allocation criteria in July 2012 comparatively high sales, the prices are significantly higher than those of other country-specific top- level domains. Experts sized. Co an importance to such. Com, for example because Amazon had bought many addresses as a.co, k.co and z.co. Larger prominence was given to MySpace: The Social Network auctioned his co - domain for a multiple of the usual fees after the myspace.co was not requested during the so-called sunrise period. .

The most well known. Co address, which also recorded the most views is t.co of Twitter.