. pl is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the State of Poland. It was introduced on 30 July 1990 and is organizationally and technically operated by the Research and Academic Computer Network, based in Warsaw. The extension. Pl is one of the fastest growing ccTLDs in general, the number of registered addresses rose eg in 2009 by more than 25 percent.


Overall, a. Pl domain between three and 63 characters may be long, the award is usually within five days. Since 2004, not only alphanumeric characters but also umlauts and other special characters of the Polish language can be used - the majority of European domain registrars support this feature. Any natural or legal person may be the owner or administrative contact ( admin-c ) a. Pl domain, a resident or established in Poland are not necessary.

The top -level domain. Pl support is one of only eight entries, which since 2007 the so-called Domain Name Tasting (short- DNT). In the course of this, it allows the contracting authority to check before you register a domain, how many visitors drive it regularly. This allows to draw conclusions on the expected revenue from the address. However, the offer can not be booked automated interested must apply directly to the contracting authority.

Second level

. Besides pl are numerous second- level domains available that are aimed at specific target groups:

  • . biz.pl to for businesses as an alternative. biz
  • . com.pl to for businesses as an alternative. com
  • . info.pl for general information purposes only. info
  • . net.pl for network- related content, similar. net
  • . org.pl for organizations and agencies, such as. org

For these endings in each case the same liberal award criteria as for the top -level domain. Pl apply itself This means that eg also private domain with a. com.pl can order.


Mid-2009, came the contracting authority of. Pl domains under criticism after a loss of 3.2 million euros was made public. This was due to speculation with FOREX certificates that have plummeted in the wake of the global financial crisis in value. Since the budget of the organization is a total of only 16 million euros, the loss meant a massive incision and had the further consequence that the previous director was forced to resign.