. cy is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) from Cyprus. It exists since July 26, 1994 and is managed by the local University of Cyprus.


A. Cy domain may be requested only by persons or organizations that hold a residence or an office in Cyprus. When registering, it is necessary to submit a copy of the identity card or a valid Cypriot trade register extract. Also apply the limitation for companies that no more than ten domains may be notified. Furthermore, the domain of the company or the name of a product must meet.

In exceptional cases, the contracting authority waive the obligation to present a seat in Cyprus. At least the Admin-C but must be resident in Cyprus, where this activity can also be transferred to a trustee. Addresses with generic or geographic terms (for example, city names ) are excluded from the application or of the respective administrative authority reserved.

Total must be between three and 63 characters long one. Cy domain. The use of special characters is not possible. A change of ownership is also not supported, to transfer a domain must therefore be deleted, and requested by the new owner again.

Third -level domain

The contracting authority offers domains at the second level and third level to the registry on. These are aimed at certain facilities or industries:

  • Ac.cy for academic institutions and research institutes
  • Net.cy for Internet service providers
  • Gov.cy for state institutions
  • Org.cy for Nonprofits
  • Pro.cy for professional associations
  • Name.cy for natural persons
  • Ekloges.cy for organizations and individuals that have to do with elections
  • Tm.cy registered trademarks
  • Ltd.cy for private and public limited companies
  • Biz.cy other registered companies
  • Press.cy for press organizations and publishers
  • Parliament.cy for Parliament and associated persons
  • Com.cy for business enterprises


In 2008, was the top -level domain. Cy on the fact that the contracting authority, contrary to the trend in the industry not to increase prices but reduced.