. bb is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the island nation of Barbados. It was introduced on September 3, 1991, is from the state Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development (Ministry of Economy and Development) administers.


Were registered from 1999 domain under. Bb, before the address was not actively used. By 2007, a subsidiary of the British company Cable & Wireless was in charge of the ccTLD, gave their tasks but later due to lack of interest to the government of the country from. These continue to be allowed only natural and legal persons the registration of a domain, which can prove a residence or an establishment in Barbados.

Both domains also second, and third level will be awarded. There are a total of second- level domains: . Com.bb for companies net.bb for Internet Service Providers, org.bb for Nonprofits, gov.bb for the government and other public authorities for info.bb. .. . general information of any kind. co.bb to all other organizations. store.bb for online shops. tv.bb for TV stations and. biz.bb for commercial providers as an alternative. com.bb.


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