. ec is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) for Egypt in the Latin alphabet. It was introduced on 30 November 1990 and is from the Egyptian Universities Network (Network of Egyptian universities ) verwaltet.Die is Arabic version of the address. مصر (. Maṣr ).


Any person who wishes to register a. Ec domain, a residence or an establishment must present, alternatively, a third person may be reported as the local representative. In addition, the contracting authority prescribes that. Ec domains must be hosted on Egyptian name servers.


The top -level domain was one of the first addresses for which an internationalized counterpart was introduced in May 2010. Therefore, the domain is attributed to an above-average importance, particularly in the Arab world.

Negative reputation reached. Eg in 2011, as the primary nameserver for several weeks was not available. Therefore could. Ec domains are resolved only through the secondary server, which contained an outdated database, so that some sites were not available. The technical problems the contracting authority even prompted ICANN to submit comments.