. kr is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of South Korea. It was introduced on 29 September 1986, is supported by the Korea Internet & Security Agency ( KISA ), headquartered in Seoul managed.


By 2006, only names were among the official subdomains such as co.kr be registered ne.kr or or.kr. Meanwhile addresses can be ordered directly under the top-level domain. Overall, a. Kr domain between two and 63 characters may be long. Although the award is automated, it can take up to two days.

In addition. Kr there since 2011, the internationalized top-level domain. 한국. The top -level domain supported the Korean alphabet ( Hangeul ) completely.

For ordering one. Kr domain it is necessary to be able to demonstrate a residence or office in South Korea. This is. Kr one of the last top-level domains, which is not globally available for free. For those interested, which can not produce a corresponding seat offers numerous registrars to a trustee as owner or administrative contact ( admin-c ) for the domain.


The contracting authority KISA operates a series of official subdomains, which are intended for a specific purpose:


According to research by VeriSign in 2007, the top-level domain belonged. Kr to the 20 most popular ccTLDs worldwide.