. ng is the country code top -level domain of Nigeria. It was awarded on 15 March 1995 and is administered by the Nigeria Internet Registration Association ( NIRA ) in Victoria Iceland.


The Yaba College of Technology was initially responsible for. Ng, while the technical operation was carried out in Italy by the Instituto per le Applicazioni telematiche, which is also involved. It. Ng was in 2004. Finally transferred to the National Technical Information Development Agency, which the top -level domain but also not actively used and was criticized by ICANN.

Only since 2009, the NIRA for. Ng is responsible, from March domains could be registered automatically. Restarting the ending was previously postponed to allow citizens of the country could prepare longer on the introduction of. Ng. The fees for a. Ng domain to second level were initially several thousand dollars, so that only a few companies made ​​use of the opportunity. Among other things, Google Inc. announced the domains google.ng and youtube.ng to.

From launch, there were second-level domains such as. Org.ng, ng for the general public was not until October 2011. Advertised. Nevertheless ng domains are. Comparatively unpopular in Nigeria, are instead often. Com and. Co.uk used.


Overall, a. Ng domain may be between three and 63 characters. Registration is carried out relatively slowly, in contrast to other country-specific top -level domains, and requires up to seven days. In addition to alphanumeric characters ng support. Well internationalized domain names for various languages, including German umlauts.