. then the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Somalia. It was introduced on 28 August 1997, is managed by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services in Mogadishu.


The registration of such domain. Anyone is possible without special restrictions, they must be between three and 63 characters. The use of special characters after the Punycode method is not possible.


The top -level domain. Thus was initially managed by an affiliate of Pennsylvania, as an administration within the country was impossible due to the ongoing Somali civil war. After this company went bankrupt, the. Thus domain was virtually unused. On the side of the registration authority, there was an indication that the domain is not in use due to the ongoing civil war and that no registrations will be accepted. In 2009, the administration of the domain was finally handed over to the Somali transitional government, since 1 April 2011, the registrations for the public when. SO registry are possible.

It is criticized for years that the contracting authority has not adopted clear guidelines for mediation in the dispute over a specific domain in comparison to other organizations. In the allotment of. Thus addresses so invariably the rule First -Come First-Served, even applies to the holder of a registered trade mark.