Yt. 's the country code top -level domain (ccTLD ) of the French overseas department of Mayotte. It exists since 17 November 1997 and is managed by the French award AFNIC, which is responsible for example for. Fr and. Re. Following a public tender, the French Ministry for industrial reconstruction confirmed in July 2012, the cooperation with the AFNIC.


The top -level domain had initially strict underwriting standards, so a Connectivity for foreigners was not only practically impossible. The terms of the AFNIC were liberalized first time in 2004, but a resident or established in Mayotte were still necessary. Finally, it is possible since December 6, 2011 anyone even without a physical presence in the country to register. Yt domains.


A. Yt- domain must be a total of between three and 63 characters. It alphanumeric characters are supported only special characters can not be used. As part of the registration for personal information such as birthday and place is required.