. ca is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Canada. It is administered by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority ( CIRA short ) and one of the oldest top- level domains worldwide, it has been around since 14 May 1987.


First, the administration of top -level domain was. Approx assigned to the University of British Columbia, where the domain was managed by a single person. In 2000 the administration of the domain was finally handed over to the non-profit Canadian Internet Registration Authority. Addresses can not be directly applied as usual, but must be requested via a domain name registrar.

Despite the restrictive eligibility criteria in the top -level domain. Approx internationally relatively important. In December 2012, the first time the brand has been exceeded two million registered addresses, bringing about has clearly positioned us before the ending. ..


In January 2012, CIRA has begun a consultation process to review the support internationalized domain names. This was completed in February of the same year, and delivered in the autumn, to want to allow a total of 16 characters of the French language. These are expected to be available from January 2013, holders of existing domains are given preferential treatment in the award of linguistically similar addresses. A classic Sunrise and Landrush did not exist.

Privacy Policy

In contrast to most other top -level domains of the owner of an address is not publicly available, unless it is a private individual and not a company. This is due to a change in the privacy policy of CIRA in July 2008. It has been criticized both by lawyers as well as the entertainment and film industry as too little or too restrictive.

In August 2012, holders of. Ca domains victim of a major phishing attack. In a fake e -mail they were asked to renew their domain fee, although this had not yet expired. The contracting authority CIRA has created the website in question circa.cc over which the fraud was carried out, shut down and registered the domain for security to themselves.


The contracting authority CIRA published in mid-2013 a so-called Fact Book, in which the distribution and importance of the top -level domain is presented. Soon possesses. Approx among Canadian users with a market share of 30 percent, which is directly behind. Com. 49 per cent of Canadians would. Approx prefer surfing.