. bg is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Bulgaria. It exists since January 3, 1995 and is managed by the local companies Register.BG.

Award criteria

By September 2008, had interested parties in detail to explain why they were entitled to purchase one. Bg domain. Thereafter, the process was reversed, as in other extensions, so that the owner bears the sole risk of violating the (brand) rights of third parties.

In the meantime, may all citizens of Bulgaria, foreigners with a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria may as well as all other citizens and companies in the EU to apply for a. Bg address. Who can not produce a fixed location in the European Union, is encouraged to call an administrative contact based in the EU. The chosen domain name must be identical to the name of the company. Can be accepted on the second as well as third-level registrations.

All required documents for registering a domain must be available in Bulgarian or English respectively. Certified copy of one of these two languages In a registry to specify the ID or VAT number and an application form is required.


Total must be between three and 63 characters long one. Bg domain. For some time, the contracting authority seeks to an internationalized top-level domain, but it is blocked by ICANN over again. There is the fear that the top-level domain in Cyrillic script (. Бг ) might be confused with the top- level domain. Br.

The application, for Cyrillic characters. Bg permit has already been provided at the end of 2008 as part of the so-called fast-track process of ICANN. The awarding authority intended to be legal to defend themselves against the negative decision on the IDN, received by ICANN but no equivalent access to the files of the application. Ivaylo Kalfin, Member of the European Parliament, in turn, blamed for the problems of the government of his country, which was capable of any constructive dialogue with ICANN.

In December 2011, the ICANN emphasized again explicitly, Bulgaria would have to find a different ending to introduce internationalized domain names. The rejection for. Bg was made ​​final and irrevocable.


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