. my is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the State of Malaysia. This top -level domain has been registered with IANA on 8 June 1987. Technically it is managed by MNI Networks Ltd.. based in Olveston, Salem.

Compared to other ccTLDs, it is necessary for a. My- domain, that individuals show a branch in Malaysia a residence and businesses. If they can not, the order is only possible through a trustee, which remains subject to commercial customers in the majority of cases, however. By 2007, addresses could be ordered only on the third level, the election, a total of seven areas such as. Com.my or. Net.my. Only since 1 November 2007 are second- level domains possible.

Due to the strict award criteria, the connectivity of a domain may take up to a week.. Overall, a my- domain must be between one and 40 characters - in most other ccTLDs, the limit is between three and 63 characters. Since January 2011, the use of special characters using Punycode is possible before could, as usual, only alphanumeric characters are used. However, this feature is not yet supported by any domain registrar.