. us is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the United States of America. It exists since 15 February 1985, was managed by the company NeuStar, whose contract ran until 31 August 2013. Addresses can be registered since 2002, at both second and third level on. Some second- level domains, however, are reserved to the individual states, such as. Ny.us for sites that belong to New York, where some state administrations. Gov domains prefer. Thus, the domain of California is about. Ca.gov. The guidelines in disputes between holders of. Us domains are usTLD Dispute Resolution Policy ( usDRP ) regulated.

Procurement rules

In general, only citizens and companies in the United States have the right to register a. US address. However, foreign companies can make a registration in that they can present a corporate office in the U.S. in the form of a branch or a subsidiary bona fide ( good faith ). Although the latter requirements must be proved not forcibly by submission of documents at registration, but NeuStar conducts regular sampling to verify the registration details by.

Long time permanent these top -level domain in the shadows, as most businesses and individuals the much more popular domains. Com,. Net and. Org use so. Was us used mainly by official bodies such as county governments. Only in recent times, the picture is gradually changing and individuals register. Addresses us. This is mainly due to massive advertising by NeuStar.


Total must be a long. US domain between three and 63 characters, two digit addresses, such as under. De are therefore not possible. The authority wants to avoid the fact that other country code top -level domains can be registered as a second- level domain, and thus ambiguous endings like. Could arise de.us. The connectivity of a. US domain runs completely automated and is usually completed within a few hours. Special characters are not supported at the moment, it can only contain alphanumeric characters can be used. Since the English language is completely covered by the previous character set, it is generally not expected for. Ever us the Punycode process will be implemented.

Compared to other country-specific top -level domains are obtained for. Domains us higher prices, especially when this is called speaking domains ( for example join.us, German follow us ). The extension. Us is internationally recognized as an above-average value.

In January 2013, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced a hearing. Against us, in which to discuss needs and problems of the top -level domain. The results will feed into the new contract with the contracting authority NeuStar, which begins in September 2013. However, a similar process led in 2007 to no appreciable change, NeuStar continued to serve as the awarding authority.

Youth protection

In December 2002, the Dot Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act adopted, which provided, among other things, the introduction of a special area under the ccTLD. Us. It was then the second-level domain in 2003. Started kids.us. In this way, parents and children the opportunity should be given to already recognize the domain with respect to the protection of minors acceptable content. The complicated award criteria, however, have ensured that kids.us never could prevail on a broad front. . According to industry reports, only a few hundred domains have been registered. Therefore, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced in July of 2012 to adjust the allocation of new domains with effect from 27 July 2012.