. vu is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) for Vanuatu. It exists since April 10, 1995 and is managed by the local Telecom Vanuatu.


The authority connected up addresses exclusively on the second level. However, there are numerous vendors who market their own second-level areas such as. De.vu. However, these are not affiliated with Telecom Vanuatu, are tolerated by these however. A. Vu domain may be a total of between three and 63 characters long and contain only alphanumeric characters, Punycode is not yet supported at the moment. Orders for. Vu be automated and are usually completed after 24 hours.

Compared to other top -level domains vu domain achieve. Due to its immateriality rather low trading prices. The most expensive ever sold address is casino.vu that has changed in 2007 for 1,800 U.S. dollars the owner.


Due to the less stringent award criteria shall apply for years the. Vu domain as one of the principal ports of scammers and phishing sites. In particular, the problem of figuring out data on a domain owner by Whois, makes the top level domain of interest for the use of shell companies. Because of the state's regulatory authority has conducted a hearing for telecommunications in October 2012, was also tested in the to evade the operation of. Vu the contracting authority. By his own admission, the authority wanted to create a balance between the interests of the promotion of the Internet and the fight against cybersquatting. If and when the award criteria are actually changed, is not known.

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