. ve is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) for Venezuela. It was delegated on 7 March 1991 at the Centro Nacional de Informacion de Tecnologias based in Caracas and is today by the Comision Nacional de Telecommunicaciones ( CONATEL ) managed.


A. 've Domain may be a total of between three and 63 characters long and can be ordered by any natural or legal person worldwide. A resident or established in the country are not necessary. The award is entirely automated, yet requires up to four days, but a comparatively long time. In addition to alphanumeric characters and special characters are supported for some time, but they are not usable with any domain registrar. Among the available characters include the usual in Spanish letters.

The top -level domain. 've One of the first extensions that have accepted the arbitration proceedings WIPO. Since April 2001, holders of a trademark or domain name disputes with other people solve in this way, without having to perform an expensive and complicated litigation. ICANN supports the resolution of conflicts in this way also for ccTLDs explicitly.


. Besides the top-level domain ve certain interested parties can order also these domains at the second level:

  • Gov.ve - Government Institutions ( obsolescent )
  • Org.ve - generally for organizations
  • Com.ve - commercial companies
  • Gob.ve - government institutions
  • Edu.ve - educational institutions
  • Mil.ve - for the military
  • Web.de and info.ve (any owner)


  • Website of the contracting authority