. kp is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) from North Korea. The Domain was established following an official request from the country with ICANN on 24 September 2007 and assigned to the Korea Computer Center Management.


2007 divided the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers with officially to have received their first request for the award of the top -level domain. Until that time belonged. Kp but were not actively used the few addresses that were formally reserved. Following a decision by ICANN on 11 September 2007, the Top -Level-Domain or its management finally formally assigned to the Korea Computer Center. Technical Contact is the Berlin-based company KCC Europe. Although a total of seven second- level domains has been established, but no. Kp domains were registered. In the following years were filed after some addresses, but these were used only within the Quranic Internet and were not accessible at international level. In addition, this end were taken out of service in 2010 due to technical reasons why the ICANN tried to install new nameservers. As part of the technical management of KCC Europe at the company Star Joint Venture was transferred.