. ru is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Russia. It exists since 7 April 1994, is managed by the so-called Coordination Center for TLD RU (also known as RU- CENTER ).

Soviet Union

The organization is not only responsible for. Ru, but also the allocation of top-level domain. Below, which was intended for the former Soviet Union and now parallel to. Ru is operated. ICANN has made repeated attempts, the top -level domain. Below dissolve, but this is far rejected explicitly by the contracting authority. In addition. Ru also the alternate ending exists. Рф as an abbreviation of Российская Федерация ( Rossiyskaya Federazija, Russian Federation).

Second level

.. Besides ru and su there is the following second-level domains:

  • . ac.ru - scientific and academic
  • . org.ru - non-commercial organizations
  • . com.ru - commercial organizations
  • . int.ru - international organizations
  • . edu.ru - educational institutions
  • . gov.ru - Russia's government
  • . mil.ru - the Russian military
  • . net.ru - Internet Service Provider
  • . pp.ru - individuals


For the registration of a. Ru domain, it is necessary to present an extract from the commercial register or a copy of the identity card. A resident or established in Russia, however, is not necessary, any natural or legal person may register a domain. This may be a total of between three and 63 characters long, usually does the registration take two to three days.

In 2010, Russia was among the first four countries to have introduced an internationalized top-level domain. The registration of domains with Cyrillic letters is possible below. . Рф and ru, few international registrars have this but already implemented.

Power locks

In November 2012 came the ru top-level domain. Criticism after the so-called Register of Domain Names a possibility was created to implement governmental intervention in the practice of awarding authority. The register was part of an overall change in the law, with which Russia has established so-called power locks. The list of non-approved. Ru domains is guided by the organization Roskomnadzor, which is under the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications.