. mL is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the State of Mali. It was introduced on 29 September 1993 and since then by the Societe des Telecommunications du Mali (short SOTELMA ) managed with its headquarters in Bamako.


In addition to the top-level domain, there are numerous extensions such as. Com.ml or. Net.ml that have been provided for certain interested parties. The award criteria of SOTELMA are relatively restrictive: A resident or established in Mali are absolutely necessary in order to register a domain mL. . Therefore, the ccTLD is international rather not widespread.

In February 2013, the ICANN Board discussed a change in the registry. Results were not known until March 2013. In April, the company Dot ML Registry appeared as new contracting authority and announced the restart of the domain for 15 July 2013. From this point, any natural or legal person to the world can register a. ML domain, even without presence in the country itself in comparison to other top -level domains no fees are charged for. ML domains, so the ccTLD reinforced for phishing sites will be used. In September 2013, a total of six percent of all registered. ML domains were blocked because of this force.