. inches is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Cameroon. It exists since 29 April 1995 and is managed by the Cameroon Telecommunications headquartered in Yaounde surgically.


Cm domains were at the beginning. Exclusively used by Cameroonian authorities and not forgive published. In November 2008, the competent Network Information Center opened and led with. Com.cm. Net.cm and. Co.cm three second- level domains that could be used by foreign individuals and companies. In the summer of 2009, the top-level domain should be released on the second level. However, the opening was delayed due to technical problems by the end of 2008, partly because particularly valuable domains to be auctioned at a higher price.


In June 2007, com became known that. Inches domains due to their similarity to. Often erroneously be called and an American company wants to redirect addresses corresponding to a website with advertising. At this time, according to official figures cm were among only about 400 domains. Account. The authority expressly affirmed the regular operation of the top -level domain will not be affected by used for promotional purposes. For this reason, experts warned after restart in August 2009 expressly provides systematic abuse cm - domains of. , And recommended, to register this as a precaution as so-called typo domains similar to existing ones. Com addresses.

Basically goes from websites, a. Inches domains an increased risk for surfers. In 2009, the security specialist McAfee downgraded the ending even as the most dangerous top-level domain worldwide. Therefore borne malware Over half of all tested. Inches domains.