. cr is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) from Costa Rica. It was introduced on 10 September 1990 and is of the Academia Nacional de Ciencias (eg National Academy of Sciences) managed.


Any natural or legal person is entitled to register a. Cr domain. However, the official award criteria stipulate that individuals to birth date and place, and the number of their identity card registration authority must prove. Companies must specify at least the VAT number, in some cases, an extract from the commercial register are required.

First could. Cr - domains are registered only under special second- level domains. In March 2008, this restriction has been lifted, so. Cr can be used directly now. Already existing address ranges have been maintained and exist parallel to the top-level domain further, to include:

  • . ac.cr for academic institutions
  • . co.cr for commercial enterprises
  • . ed.cr for educational institutions
  • . fi.cr registered credit institutions
  • . go.cr for the government of Costa Rica
  • . or.cr for Nonprofits
  • . sa.cr for Hospitals