. fo is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the Faroe Islands. It exists since 14 May 1993 and managed by the FO Council.


As with. De be awarded fo well at. Second- level domains. Domain names can contain the letters A -Z (one case) and the hyphen ("-" ) are made. The maximum length is 63 characters. Letters with diacritical marks or special characters are not allowed, not even the Faroese letter " á ", " é ", " í ", " ó ", " ú ", " ý ", " æ ", " ð" and " ø ". These need to be replaced accordingly.


The top -level domain. Fo was entered on 15 March 1993 in the so-called root zone of the Domain Name System. In September 1997 the establishment of the. Fo - TLD was submitted to the IANA, after which it was initially managed by Denmark by UNI2. In December 2003 UNI2 requested the transfer of the domain to the FO Council with the aim of creating an independent and self-regulated administration. After discussions between ICANN and the Danish Government the final approval was finally in September 2004. Thereupon also accepted the Council FO transmission. In November 2004, the completion of the transfer by the Board of Directors of ICANN approved.