. nl is the country code top -level domain in the Netherlands. It was introduced on April 25, 1986, is by Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland ( short SIDN ), headquartered in Arnhem managed.


Total must be between two and 63 characters long one. Nl domain. Since January 2008, pure numeric domains are possible, the contracting authority has carried out for the launch in December 2007, a two-week sunrise period with support from Deloitte. In the allocation difficulties arose because two registrars were disproportionately assigned many addresses. The SIDN has subsequently allocated about 4,000 contested numeric domains in the lottery.

Initially, only individuals were able to register with a residence or an office in the Netherlands. Nl domain. On 1 October 2009 this has changed: Since the contracting authority offers an option to use the postal address of the SIDN as forwarding under which foreigners to register, stating that a nl domain..

September 6, 2008, the SIDN offers a quarantine procedures. Unless a nl domain was accidentally deleted, the previous owner, this log back within 40 days. By the end of this period remains the deleted domain blocked for other interested parties. The arbitration procedure that can be invoked in disputes between two people is a. Nl domain, modeled on the approach of the Belgian contracting authority for DNS Belgium. Be domains. It is handled completely electronically, the costs amount to 1,500 euros for up to five addresses.


The mark attained in August, 2012. Nl five million registered domains. At this time belonged. Nl the three most popular country-code top -level domains, according to. De and. Uk. 21 percent of all Dutch had their own. Nl domain. Only during the economic crisis from 2008 to 2012 recorded. Nl a significant drop in registered domains.

Since 2008, EuroDNS offers the opportunity to register domains under. Co.nl. Although these are marketed as a third-level domain, it involves no official address range, as clarified by the SIDN. Due to the liberal award criteria the domain is still widespread.