. tw is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the Republic of China, also known as Taiwan. It was introduced on 31 July 1989 and is now operated technically on four servers in Taiwan, USA and other countries. Maintained it is from the Technical University in Taipei.


Total must be between two and 63 characters long one. Tw domain. Tw domains since mid- 2010. Possible in the Chinese language. Although it, many special characters are supported by the Punycode process, they are not available at any registrar - many continue to be only alphanumeric characters. The allocation of domains is entirely automated and generally requires between one and two days. In addition to the top-level are also some second- level domains available that are aimed at specific target groups, such as. Com.tw for companies. Idv.tw for individuals or. Org.tw for -profit organizations.

In. Org.tw it is important to note that this in contrast to. Org really only organizations with formally recognized public can be used. Interested parties who are not registered in Taiwan as a non-profit organization must prove their charitable nature on the basis of documents of their home country. In addition, the so-called Committee of TWNIC Domain Name must be declared legally these documents. This procedure was last modified in April 2012 with the introduction of the new award criteria.


Since 2008, there have been reports of cases of fraud in connection with the Top -Level-Domain. In particular, should Chinese domain traders aggressively recruit customers, which overpriced. Cn or. Com.cn domains are offered, which are identical to the. Tw or. Com.tw address of the persons concerned. Often not even have the appropriate provider but an accreditation by the CNNIC.