Kn. 's the country code top -level domain (ccTLD ) from St. Kitts and Nevis. It exists since September 3, 1991 and was initially managed by the University of Puerto Rico.


Since 2008, the Ministry of Finance, Sustainable Development and Technology ( Ministry of Finance, Sustainable Development Information & Technology ) is responsible for. Knots. The operational and technical operation of the top -level domain was acquired by the Taiwanese Network Information Center ( TWNIC ), after no locally based candidates was suitable.


Registrations are carried out both on the second and on the third level. In addition. Kn there net.kn for Internet Service Providers, org.kn for Nonprofits, edu.kn for educational institutions as well as gov.kn for the government of the island. Despite the liberal award criteria that do not require a residence or a local office that is kn. Internationally comparatively insignificant. The most expensive ever become known a transaction. Kn domain concerned www.kn which gives the owner joined us in 2007.


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