. pw is the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the State of Palau. It was introduced on 12 June 1997. For the technical management the company EnCirca Inc. of Massachusetts ( USA) was initially responsible, now takes this task Micronesia Investment and Development Corporation, based in Koror ( Palau ) true. The operating mode is done by en: Directi.


In October 2012 it was announced that Directi planned a comprehensive change to the eligibility criteria. These were assessed as a kind of reboot the domain in the course of which the extension is to be advertised as a synonym for professional Web ( English ). Thus, the contracting authority follows the strategy. Ws and. Tv that are used in addition to its country-specific meaning as an abbreviation for site Television respectively.

Since 3 December 2012, registering a. Pw- domain principle, any natural or legal person. A resident or established in the country are not required. The so-called sunrise period, under which holders of registered trademarks can secure their rights to domains should first February 8, but was eventually extended until February 15th. The general introduction of domain pw under the new award criteria -. They called Landrush phase - should start on 18 March 2013.

Pw is actually started. Among the new conditions on 25 March of the same year. Within the first three weeks of the worldwide release of the top -level domain a total of 50,000 domains were registered. In August 2013, the registry for. Pw as the first top-level domain, the new arbitration procedure URS has also implemented (Uniform Rapid Suspension ) of ICANN, which is to bring about a quick decision about conflicts.