Cuthbert Mayne

Cuthbert Mayne (* 1543/1544 in Youlston, North Devon, † November 30, 1577 in Launceston ) was an English priest and martyr.

Mayne enjoying a Protestant dominated youth. To 1542, he began his theological studies at St. Alban 's Hall and later at St. John 's College. 1566 Mayne made ​​his bachelor and four years later the Master of Arts. During this time he had contact with rain, the Catholic scholar Gregory Martin and Edmund Campion. In these years, Mayne approached to the Catholic Church.

After relying until 1570, the pressure on the Catholic clergy increased and they were forced England, grew to change into Mayne desire to Catholicism. So he went in 1573, founded by William Allen College in Douai. On February 7, 1575 Mayne was ordained as a priest.

1576 leaves Cuthbert Mayne, the college and goes along with John Payne on a mission to England. He went to Cornwall and put themselves at the service of Francis Tregian. On June 8, 1577 Mayne was arrested Tregians in the home and taken to Launceston. There, an Agnus Dei and a Papal bull he was laid to load to have smuggled into the country. However, these claims could not be proved, nevertheless sentenced Mayne on political pressure to death. On November 30, 1577 sentence was carried out. Mayne was hanged, even before the death occurred, he was taken and quartered from the gallows. All the internal organs were burned. The four parts of his body were impaled and exhibited as a deterrent in the towns of Wadebridge, Tregony, Barnstaple and Bodmin on poles.

1886 Cuthbert Mayne of Leo XIII. beatified. 1970 followed the canonization along with the other 39 Martyrs of England and Wales by Paul VI.