Barnstaple is a town in the north of the county of Devon, UK. It lies on the north side of the mouth of the River Taw, approximately 13 km from the Bristol Channel.

Urban Development

Barnstaple was a trading post on the bottom of the Taw Bridge, originally built in the 13th century and even today, restored and widened spans the river. The former Beardastopol was mentioned at the end of the 10th century as an important village. Close to the city center is still the castle hill, get on the once stood, Barnstaple Castle. In the early 12th century Barnstaple received city rights, and a city wall was built. 1557, the city came to the English crown.

As a seaport, since 1428 Royal Harbor, Barnstaple played in the 14th and 16th centuries an important role as a hub for the south-west English wool industry; was processed even wool produced in conjunction with import wool from Ireland. The silting up of the river estuary led to the decline of the port. In the railway age to Barnstaple eventually became a popular seaside resort.

Population development: 1801-3748; 1901-9698; 2001-30765; 2006-34000 inhabitants. In the 1930s to 1950s, several surrounding towns were incorporated.

Notable people

  • WNP Barbellion: Pseudonym of Bruce Frederick Cummings - " diarist ".
  • Hubert Bath (1883-1945) - Composer.
  • Francis Carruthers Gould - caricaturist and politician.
  • Robert Cleaver Chapman (1803-1902) - Pastor and Evangelist.
  • Sir Francis Chichester - airmen and sailors
  • Giles Chichester - European politicians.
  • Marc Edworthy - Derby County football players.
  • Sir Richard Eyre - Director.
  • John Gay - Poet and playwright.
  • Tim Wonnacott - expert on antiques, television broadcasts.
  • Tim Mills - Former lead guitarist for Iced Earth.
  • James Parsons - physicist, author and antiquarian.
  • Richard Roach Jewell - Architect.
  • Phil Vickery - Rugby union player.
  • Snowy White - guitar player.
  • St. Cuthbert Mayne - Catholic priest and martyr

Twin Cities

  • United States Barnstable, USA
  • Germany Uelzen, Germany
  • France Trouville- sur -Mer, France.