Danuta Gleed

Danuta Gleed (* 1946 in Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia, † December 11, 1996 in Ottawa, Ontario ) was an African-born Canadian writer of Polish descent who wrote short stories before all things, and was founded in honor of the Danuta Gleed Literary Award.


Danuta Gleed was born in Rhodesia and grew up in a British camp for displaced persons in Kenya, where she spent her early childhood. In 1958 she moved with her family to England, then to Canada, where she studied English literature and her husband John Gleed married.

Your study of literature, she completed in a vintage along with Frances Itani, Audrey Thomas, Bryan Moon and Rita Donovan. As a literary form they preferred the short story, with their own stories often played in front of a Polish background. Her works appeared in various literary magazines and won several competitions. Your story Bones was nominated for the 1996 Journey Prize, which she had already died at the time of the announcement. The short story collection One of the Cosen appeared after her early death at just 50 years posthumously in BuschekBooks 1997, edited by Frances Itani and Susan Zettell.


Her husband John Gleed founded in 1998 Danuta Gleed Literary Award thereupon the to honor with this foundation, the memory of his wife and their preferred form of literature. The proceeds of Danuta Gleeds own short story collection One for the Chosen continue to flow in the award fund. The award is presented annually by the Writers ' Union of Canada, say the Canadian Writers' Association. With this literary award, the first collection of short stories will each be honored, published in English a Canadian writer. Her son, the painter Jonathan Gleed ( born 1977 ) and his wife Christine, named their daughter born in 2007 after his mother Danuta Gleed Violet.


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