Denys Puech

Denys Puech ( born December 3, 1854 in Bozouls, Aveyron, † December 1942 in Rodez, Aveyron ) was a French sculptor.


His brother was the French politician Louis Puech. The sculpture he studied with François Jouffroy, Alexandre Falguière and Henri Michel Chapu. 1881 and 1883 he won the Prix de Rome. In the following years he created, among other marble busts of Jules Ferry ( 1895), Charles Augustin Sainte -Beuve (1898), Émile Loubet (1901) and Benito Mussolini (1925 ). In 1903 he founded in Rodez, the Musée Denys - Puech. Puech in 1905 was a member of the Académie des Beaux -Arts. In 1908 he became a member of the Legion of Honour. From 1921 to 1933 he was director of the Académie de France à Rome. On 13 May 1908 he married the painter Anina Gagarine Stourdza ( June 1, 1865 - April 14, 1918).

Works (selection)

Denys Puech

Nubar Pasha

La Pensee, Le Petit Palais

Monument in Reims

André Chenier