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Catchment area of ​​the Desna

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The Desna ( Russian and Ukrainian Десна ) is a 1130 km long left tributary of the Dnieper River in the western or European part of Russia and Ukraine.


It originates in the Russian Smolensk Oblast in the Smolensk heights. There, their source is located east-southeast of Smolensk and not far from Jeljna in a forest near the village Naleti. The Desna flows in a southerly direction to Bryansk, after coming from the north Sudost opens. After crossing the border with Ukraine their flows to the Seim from the east, after which it reaches Chernihiv. Further south, the Desna flows only slightly north of the Ukrainian capital Kiev in the Dnieper.

The navigable length of the Desna is 535 km.


The name of the river Desna means " right hand", although he is a left tributary of the Dnieper. Probably the Slavic tribes migrated into the region from the south and accordingly found the river to the right of the Dnieper.

Tributaries and Places

  • The major tributary of the Desna are Bolwa, Seim, Snow and Sudost
  • At the Desna less than other cities of Bryansk and Chernihiv