Dhanbad (Hindi: धनबाद, Dhanabād ) is an industrial city in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It has about 1.2 million inhabitants ( 2011 census ) and is the administrative seat of the district of Dhanbad.

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Geographical Location

The city lies on the north bank of the Damodar, approximately 280 km north-west of Kolkata.


Maximum temperature in winter: 22 ° C

Minimum winter temperature: 8 ° C

Maximum temperature in summer: 44 ° C

Minimum temperature in summer: 22 ° C

Precipitation: 1400 mm

In the winter, often forming strong smog over Dhanbad. Air pollution comes from many coking plants in the region that operate without any gas treatment. The area around Dhanbad has one of the highest air pollution in India.

Culture and sights


In the area of the Damodar Valley Corporation, the reservoirs can be visited. The largest of them is the Maithon Dam, which is about 50 km from Dhanbad.

Economy and infrastructure

The city is an important center of the mining industry. In the region, many coal mines and steel mills are located. The electrical power supply to the industrial area is ensured by the reservoirs of high dams in the region.


Dhanbad is easily accessible via:

The city is on the direct rail line New Delhi - Kolkata. Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express stop in Dhanbad. In freight transport is both steel for the port at Kolkata, as well as coal for the power stations in New Delhi loaded in Dhanbad. The city has the second highest volume of freight traffic in India. The transports from Dhanbad are the main source of income for the Eastern Railway.

The highway NH -2 ( former Grand Trunk Road) also passes by Dhanbad. She is the direct link New Delhi - Kolkata.

Established businesses

Bharat Coking Coal Limited ( BCCL ) - this state-owned company builds the coal for the steel plants in the open pit from

Public institutions

Central Mining Research Station ( CMRS ) - Central Laboratory of Mining Research

Central Fuel Research Institute ( CFR ) - Central Institute for Brennstofforschung, which mainly deals with coal

Directorate General of Mines Safety ( DGMS ) - Directorate for Mine Safety


Indian Mining School ( IMS) - Indian School of Mines