The abbreviation IMS stands for:

In computer science:

  • IMS Content Packaging, a specification that describes a data format for e -learning
  • IMTEK Mathematica Supplement, a collection of numerical packages and tutorials for Mathematica
  • Computer science middle school, a school that is taught in the computer science
  • Information management system, a transaction monitor and hierarchical database system from IBM
  • Instant messaging, a communication method instant messaging service for " instant messaging "
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem, a system based on 3GPP standards telecommunications system for integration of mobile voice services and Internet functions

In the economy:

  • IMS Health, a US-based market research company in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Intelligent Manufacturing System, an international research initiative for research projects in the field of automation technology
  • IMS Connector Systems, a manufacturer of communication products from Loeffingen (formerly IMS - Johann Morat and Sons )
  • IMS Intelligent Motion Systems, American manufacturer of intelligent compact drives
  • Information Management Software GmbH, a software and consulting company for a holistic enterprise management
  • Instructional management system, organization or a consortium for the specification of e -learning content
  • Isotope Measurement Systems GmbH, a manufacturer of measurement systems for rolling mills based in the Holy House
  • IMS International Metal Service, a listed steel trader based in Nanterre (France)
  • Integrated management system, a management system (eg quality and environmental protection) includes several areas
  • IBM Mittelstand Services GmbH Germany, IT outsourcing for small and medium businesses

In politics:

  • International Military Staff, the International Military Staff of NATO

In science and technology:

  • Indian Mini Satellite, series of Indian satellites
  • Indian Mining School, Indian School of Mines Dhanbad
  • Institute for Natural Language Processing at the University of Stuttgart
  • Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems, Fraunhofer Institute in Duisburg
  • Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart (IMS CHIPS ), Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart
  • Institute for Micro - and Nanoelectronic Systems, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Irish Mathematical Society
  • International Musicological Society, International Musicological Society
  • Insulated Metal Substrate, metal supports of electronic circuits (usually aluminum, are also commonly copper or steel), which is laminated usually one side with a thin, highly heat-conductive insulating layer and copper, see Direct Bonded Copper
  • Intelligent Munitions System, Eng. smart munitions
  • Ion mobility spectrometer (English: ion mobility spectrometer ), a device for chemical analysis
  • Interchangeable Mount system, a bayonet mount for film cameras, which allows the connection of a variety of lenses from different manufacturers.
  • Integrated monitoring of songbird populations, observation method for songbird populations, launched by three German ornithological station and the umbrella organization of German Avifaunists
  • Irritable Male Syndrome, a number of symptoms that are caused by a reduced testosterone production in male mammals.

In shipping:

  • International Measuring System, Rating System in the regatta, see Surveying ( Sailing Regatta ) # Survey Mode


  • Interest -oriented secondary school in Austria
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway, motorsports race track in Speedway, Indiana
  • Unofficial Staff Security of the Ministry of State Security of the GDR, see informer
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Project at ETH Zurich
  • International magazine of security, a security policy magazine based in the House of Aerospace in Bonn
  • International Monitoring System, worldwide monitoring system for nuclear explosions
  • International Mountain Summit in the autumn held annually in Brixen climbers meeting
  • Intensive stuttering modification, behavior therapy approach of a therapy for stuttering, stuttering see # modification approach
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